Abdul Khan

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Abdul Khan
To Hull and Back.jpg
Portrayer Tony Anholt
First seen "To Hull and Back"
Last seen "To Hull and Back"
Duration 1985
Date of birth Circa 1945 (age 70)
Occupation Employee at Hatton Garden
Family Mr. Khan (father)
Hussein (cousin)


Abdul Khan only appeared in one episode; "To Hull and Back", where he and Boycie arranged a deal with Del Boy, in order to smuggle diamonds from Amsterdam. Although, this was the only episode in which he appeared, Abdul was also mentioned in "Diamonds Are For Heather" when Del tells Heather where he got the engagement ring, "Video Nasty" when Del had struck a deal with Abdul's cousin's girlfriend's brother's friend, and in the second Rock & Chips episode "Five Gold Rings" when Del tells his friends that he got four glass diamond rings from Abdul's father, who owns the Bermondsey Wholesale Jewellery Emporium.

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