Ada Trotter
First seen
Last seen
Date of birth 1921 (died circa late 1980's/early 1990's)
Family Albert (husband - deceased)
Reg (nephew)
Joan Trotter Sr. (niece - deceased)
Derek (great nephew)
Rodney (step-great nephew)
Ted (brother-in-law - deceased)
Violet (sister-in-law - deceased)
George (brother-in-law)
Jack (brother-in-law)
Raquel Turner (future great niece-in-law, fiancée of Derek)
Cassandra (step-great niece-in-law, wife of Rodney)
Damien (great great nephew)
Joan Trotter Jr. (step-great great niece)

Ada Trotter was Uncle Alberts, unseen wife, mentioned a few times throughout the series of Only Fools and Horses. Little is known about her but Albert referenced her sporadically a few times when talking about the past.


Ada was confirmed to still be alive in the episode Tea for Three when Albert told his nephews that she had been rushed to the hospital and was apparently in a very bad way. That same episode reveals how she and Albert first got together. He and his brother Ted, met her one night down at a Palais (dance-hall). Both found her very attractive and were lucky enough to have a few dances with her. By the end of it, they both wanted to take her home and ended up fighting in the street over her. Although Albert won the fight, and Ada's affections it ultimately cost him his relationship with his brother. Up until that point, the two brothers were as thick as thieves, but in Alberts own words, Ted never forgave him for this incident and did not speak to Albert again for the rest of his life.

Although Albert eventually went on to marry Ada, by the time of his debut in Strained Relations their relationship had become estranged. Albert mentioned numerous incidents of infidelity on his part throughout the series and that Ada became ugly as she got older. They had not spoken to each other for years, and Albert was staying with various other members of the Trotter family before he finally settled in with Del and Rodney. It is not known if they divorced, but Ada threatened to kill Albert if she ever saw him again. For this reason, he did not visit her in the hospital and opted to sing a tribute to her instead.

What ultimately happened to Ada is not known, but since Albert did not include her in his will and spent his last few years living with another woman, she most likely pre-deceased him. Their family life is not known, but since Del and Rodney were the sole benefactors of Albert's estate, this would suggest that they did not have any children, though Strangers on the Shore indicated that Albert fathered other children elsewhere.