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Albert Gladstone Trotter (better know as Uncle Albert) is Del Boy and Rodney's great uncle and Grandads' brother, who was played by Buster Merryfield. Albert is known for being the 'not very able seaman' and liked to tell stories of when he was at sea (much to the annoyance of everyone), which usually started with "During the war". He replaced Grandad after Lennard Pearce died in 1984.


Series 4 (1984)

Albert was first introduced in the episode 'Strained Relations' at Grandad's funeral. He was living with this nephew Stan, and his wife Jean in North London at the time, in a caravan.

Stan and Jean wanted to go home early because of how they wanted to get away from people who weren't their kind, but Albert said he wanted to go back to Del's flat as Grandad was his brother. Jean scolds him by saying it's got nothing to do with him and he should stay out of it. Stan, however, said they would go back to show their respects and he knew Albert would only complain all the way home. When they were there, Albert goes to see Rodney, who is feeling depressed and annoyed at Del for being too humourous at the funeral, but Albert explains that Del is just putting on a shell for everyone to make it seem like he was alright. He then proceeds to tell him five stories of when he was at sea (much to poor Rodney's disappointment).