Portrayer Erika Hoffman (1986)
First seen "From Prussia With Love"
Last seen "From Prussia With Love"
Duration 1986
Date of birth Circa 1967
Occupation Au pair
Family Spencer Wainwright (lover)
Unnamed daughter


Anna is a German college student who worked as an au pair for a wealthy family called the Wainwrights. One night at the Wainwright household around late 1985/early 1986, Anna was drunk during a party. The Wainwright Family's son, Spencer, took advantage of Anna's drunken state by taking up to the bedroom and getting her pregnant.

Sometime later, Spencer then told Anna not to tell his parents that he is the father of her unborn baby. But nine months later, Anna told Mr. and Mrs. Wainwright, who then asked Spencer, who just denied the whole affair. Mr. and Mrs. Wainwright believed that Anna's presence was ruining Spencer's education, so they threw her out, as well as give her some money for a flight back to Germany.

Not wanting to bring her child with her, Anna wanted to give it to a loving family when it is born. With nowhere to go, Anna went to The Nag's Head, where she met the Trotter Family, who took her in after she explained everything. Del Boy decided to help out Anna by selling her baby to Boycie and Marlene, much to Rodney's chagrin, which means Anna will be paid £300 in return.

A few more days later, Anna went into labour, and the Trotters managed to get her to the hospital.

The following week, not only did Anna give birth to a baby girl, but she also fell in love and wanted to keep her. When Del introduced her to Boycie and Marlene, Anna ran off to the bedrooms crying, while Del and Boycie cancelled their deal after Boycie discovered that the baby has dark skin since Mr. and Mrs. Wainwright emigrated from the West Indies in 1956.

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