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As One Door Closes
Series 04, Episode 07
As One Door Closes.jpg
Air Date April 4, 1985
Written by John Sullivan
Director Susan Belbin
Length 30 minutes
Previous episode "Watching the Girls Go By"
Next episode "Radio Times"
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The Trotters hunt for a rare butterfly.


Del Boy's latest get-rich-quick scheme involves super-sharp hair combs, and louvre doors funded by Denzil's £2,000 redundancy money. But unfortunately, Brendan O' Shaughnessy and Teddy Cummings don't want the louvre doors, which lands Del in hot water with Denzil, who's demanding his money back.

Rodney reads an article about a rare butterfly, and a butterfly collector's desire to catch it and pay a large sum of money to whoever brings it to him. Later, while on the run from Denzil's angry brothers, the Trotters see the butterfly in the local cemetery. Rodney eventually captures it in the lake of the nearby park.

He hands it to Del, but Denzil, after hearing that Del has got him his money back, skates by and gives Del a high five, crushing the butterfly - much to the annoyance of Rodney.

Featured characters

Other notes

Episode concept

  • The idea for the script was based on a true story of a rare butterfly that John Sullivan had read about.

Continuity errors

  • When the Trotters are in the cemetery, Del says that Grandad is in the garden of "external peace" which surely means he was cremated, yet in "Strained Relations", Grandad had been buried.

Production goofs

  • At the scene when the Trotters visit Joan's gravestone, the bench is several footsteps away and the ground directly behind the bench is clear, yet in "The Yellow Peril" when Del and Rodney visit Joan's grave, the bench is one step away from the elaborate gravestone, and also directly behind the bench are other gravestones, clearly a different cemetery.

Miscellaneous trivia

  • This episode contains a rare instance of the series using video rather than film for location scenes. This came about because the location sequences in some of the earlier episodes this series (most notably "Hole in One") had been pre-filmed with Lennard Pearce prior to his death. When Buster Merryfield joined the show, the earlier episodes had to be re-filmed, which left them with only enough money to film half of the location sequences in this episode. The BBC agreed to cover the budget shortfall, but on the condition that video be used instead of film, due to its lower cost.