Beckham In Peckham

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Beckham In Peckham
Series 11, Episode 1
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Air Date March 21, 2014
Written by Jim Sullivan & Dan Sullivan
Director Tony Dow
Length 10 minutes
Previous episode "Sleepless in Peckham"
Next episode None
List of episode

The Trotter Brothers meet David Beckham.


An unspecified amount of time after "Sleepless in Peckham", Del Boy is in the Peckham market, trying to sell "Golden Balls" underpants which are supposedly endorsed and signed by David Beckham (in return for Del securing a bouncy castle for the birthday party of Beckham's children), with Rodney serving as a less-than-ethusiastic model. After failing to sell anything, the Trotter Brothers retreat to a nearby café, where Rodney complains about Del's treatment of him, before the two are joined by David Beckham, who it turns out actually has endorsed the underpants. The three briefly chat, including Rodney and Beckham discussing their favourite artist (Rodney choosing Matisse, and Beckham choosing Tony Hart), before Beckham gives Rodney tips on how to model underwear effectively, advising him to "glide" and "oscillate".

Later on, Del is again trying to sell the underpants, with Rodney putting on a bizarre, vaguely feminine walk, and being even more angry at Del than he was before. Beckham is discreetly watching this, when a young boy walks up to him, and asks if he's David Beckham. He says that he is, and signs the boy's football, but says not to tell anyone he's there, as he doesn't want too much attention. Beckham then attempts to lean back on a goods cart, but a trader moves it away when he isn't looking and he falls to the ground, getting the attention of everyone in the market. Del and Rodney both comment, "What a plonker!"

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