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Green green grass beth.jpg
Portrayer Lisa Diveney
First seen Pillow Talk - The Green Green Grass
Last seen The Special Relationship - The Green Green Grass
Duration 2005-2007
Date of birth 1987
Occupation Student
Family Father - Ray

Bethany (Lisa Diveney) – Beth is Tyler's girlfriend until the end of the third series. She is clever, attractive and vegetarian. Over the three years she spent as Tyler's girlfriend, she had her patience put to the test. First, Tyler showed no interest in supporting her horse racing protests, then he put meat before her, and, to top things off, she peers through the window to see Boycie completely naked, thanks to Earl, in Mother Earth.

Beth made her last appearance in the 2007 Christmas special, "The Special Relationship". The role of Tyler's girlfriend passed on to Sara from the fourth series. Beth was written out of the series, but is still mentioned frequently. She is said to have gone to Cambridge to further her education. This annoys Tyler, as he is slightly jealous of her achievements. However, Beth's dad Ray enjoys boasting about his daughter's achievements to him.