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Boyce Autos & Car Accessories, formerly Alberto's Autos, was the showroom owned by Boycie, where he would sell second hand cars.

Rock and Chips

The Showroom in 1961

During the events of the Rock & Chips Trilogy during the 1960s, Boyce Autos & Car Accessories was actually owned by Alberto Balsam and was named "Alberto's Autos". During this time, Boycie was an employee of Alberto's and was in charge of clenaing the cars. Del boy visist here regularly to get advice from Alberto about women.

In the 1970s, Alberto retired and handed the business to Boycie.

Only Fools & Horses

Boycie's 1st appearance.jpg

The showroom makes it's first appearance in the second episode of the series "Go West Young Man" when Del Del and Rodney visit the Showroom to buy a clapped out car off him for £50. Boycie asks Del if he can store his new E Type Jaguar in his garage for him for a week, it is a present for his bit on the side, which Del agrees to.


The Showroom in 1991

Boycies showroom makes another appearance in "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Uncle" in which Del phones up Boycie, who suggests to keep the van for business and get a second car for the family instead. Del purchases a Ford Capri Ghia for just £400.