Portrayer Ivan Kaye
First seen A Rocky Start - The Green Green Grass
Last seen For Richer For Poorer - The Green Green Grass
Duration 2005-2009
Date of birth 1964
Occupation Herdsman
Family -
Bryan (Ivan Kaye) – Bryan is the farm's herdsman. He again likes to appear a bit thick so that he can take advantage of Boycie's ignorance. He has, on occasions, reduced his workload by bluffing to an out-of-his-depth Boycie. Bryan can be a little over the top on occasions, especially when thinking about his ex-girlfriend Myrtle. In one particular episode, he states that she chucked him seven times, and every time he found exactly the same wedding ring in a second-hand shop. It is sometimes hard to believe that Bryan's stupidity is a put-up job.

Little else is known about the character besides the fact that he lives alone in a caravan on the edge of Winterdown Farm. In the episode "The Path of True Love", Jed is seen to come over to his caravan in a general fashion showing that this may be a general occurrence. He is shown to have a good working and social relationship with fellow colleagues Elgin, Jed and Imelda however, his relationship with both Boycie and Marlene isn’t quite as cosy. He is often at the end of one of Boycie's jokes.

Bryan has been known to invite people into his caravan in a crisis such as Elgin being thrown out by his wife and Boycie being thrown out by Marlene. However, he has stayed at other people's houses such as when his caravan burns down and he is forced to stay at Boycie's manor house along with Elgin in the episode "But is it Art?"

Bryan's workload has been known to expand from herdsman to such jobs as chauffeur in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo Clock" to security guard in "Home Brew". The character of Bryan has settled down massively since the show's debut in 2005. The character of Myrtle, Bryan's ex-girlfriend, is mentioned frequently but is never seen.

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