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Christmas Trees
Series 02, Episode 08
Christmas Trees.jpg
Air Date December 27, 1982
Written by John Sullivan
Director Ray Butt
Length 8 minutes
Previous episode "A Touch of Glass"
Next episode "Diamonds Are For Heather"
List of episode

Del tries to sell telescopic Christmas trees.


Despite knocking the price down to a mere £6, Del Boy can't seem to flog his telescopic Christmas trees. He has only 149 more to sell to make a tidy profit.

Stuck for a solution, the Trotters head off to Sid's burger van for something to eat. Del's conscience seems to get the better of him, and he tells Rodney and Grandad what a shame it is that the market traders can't afford to donate a tree to the local church this year, especially the little orphans.

Left to guard the trees, Rodney takes one to the church. The vicar quickly debunks Del's story, and Rodney realises the tale was a scam to get an endorsement from the Church of England.

Featured characters

Other notes

Miscellaneous trivia

  • This special was first screened as part of a show hosted by Frank Muir, The Funny Side of Christmas, in which mini-episodes of Yes Minister, Open All Hours (which also starred David Jason), Butterflies (which also starred Nicholas Lyndhurst), and Last of the Summer Wine were also featured.