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Clayton Cooper is a minor character who appeared in the Only Fools and Horses sixth series episode "Danger UXD" and the first Rock & Chips episode.


Clayton was a friend of Reg Trotter and the boyfriend of Reenie Turpin, and even went on the first Jolly Boys Outing.

Clayton Cooper in 1960

Reenie and clayton broke up in 1966 however after she caught him seeing another girl behind his back; this girl being Marlene.


As Del and Rodney were trying to take two inflatable dolls away to Dirty Barry's, which had blown up due to being put near the hot air duct, Mr Cooper walked past and said hello to Del and Rodney then to the dolls, thinking they were real ladies, as they were dressed in Del's mum Joan Mavis Trotter's old clothing. Del did a womans voice and said "Good evening" back. Clayton fell for it and walked off into the night.

Memorable info

Born: Unknown

Full Name: Clayton Cooper


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