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Comic Relief Special
Series 09, Episode 4
Comic Relief Special.jpg
Air Date March 14, 1997
Written by John Sullivan
Length 7 minutes
Previous episode "Time On Our Hands"
Next episode "If They Could See Us Now"
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The Trotter Family talk about random matters happening in the world.


Sitting around the breakfast table in their flat, Rodney laments that he can't afford a holiday, whilst Del Boy considers signing Damien up for a modelling agency. Uncle Albert then suggests that they should be thankful for what they have. Though they are expecting another "During the war..." anecdote, Albert instead mentions the plight of the people of Africa. The show contains subtle references to Nicholas Lyndhurst and David Jason's other well-known shows, Goodnight Sweetheart and A Touch of Frost respectively. It ends with an appeal for donations from the Trotter Brothers.

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Miscellaneous trivia

  • This special is chronologically set before the 1996 Christmas trilogy.