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Corinne was the angry wife of Denzil Tulser. She made her only appearance in the episode Who's a Pretty Boy? in Only Fools and Horses. Denzil and Corrine had a flat together in Peckham, which Del Boy, Rodney and Grandad redecorated once. She had a pet canary that died the morning that the Trotters were due to paint. Believing that they had killed the canary, Del sent Grandad to buy a replacement canary, hoping Corinne wouldn't notice. She is horrified when she returns home to see the canary perfectly healthy in its cage, revealing that the bird was dead when she woke up that morning.

Corrine dislikes Del Boy as he was in charge of the catering at her wedding to Denzil. He made such a mess of it that the meal for all the guests was pie and chips, and their large wedding cake turned out to be a jam sponge. For this reason, Corrine dislikes Del Boy and was unhappy when she discovered that the Trotters would be painting her living room.

The character was written out due to Eva Mottley's suicide in 1985. John Sullivan chose not to replace the actress but to get rid of the character by saying that Denzil and Corinne had split up.