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Diamonds Are For Heather
Series 02, Episode 09
Diamonds Are For Heather.jpg
Air Date December 30, 1982
Written by John Sullivan
Director Ray Butt
Length 30 minutes
Previous episode "Christmas Trees"
Next episode "Homesick"
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Del falls in love with Heather, a single mother with a son.


On a November evening at The Nag's Head, Del Boy is drowning his sorrows due to his loneliness, and cheers himself up by ordering a mariachi band to sing "Old Shep". He also meets a beautiful woman named Heather, who seems to be one friend short of company. Del, ever the gentleman, entertains her and sees her home safely.

When he brings her back to her flat, Del discovers that Heather has a young son named Darren, aged 3 and a half, and a husband named Vic, who joined a very long queue at the Job Centre 18 months earlier and never returned.

Over the next six weeks, Del and Heather's romance blossoms, Del gets along well with Darren, and all is running so smoothly, that, with Christmas imminent, Del decides to propose to Heather, even if it means moving away from Rodney and Grandad.

However, at a candle-lit curry dinner, Heather refuses Del's proposal, because her husband Vic wrote to her one week earlier and is now living in Southampton, working as a department store Father Christmas. He also wants to give his marriage with Heather a second chance by asking her and Darren to move in with him. Heather says she never knew Del felt so strongly for her, and she sees him like a brother. Heather then says goodbye to Del, who manages to cheer himself up by asking a group of carol singers to sing "Old Shep".

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Other notes

Story arc

  • When Del gives Heather the ring, he says he got it from Abdul, a friend from Hatton Garden. This fits in with "To Hull and Back", as Del goes to Holland for Boycie and Abdul.

Episode concept

  • The idea for the script was to demonstrate Del's love for children, and that he really could be a family man if he put his mind to it.

Production goofs

  • During the dinner scene in the Indian restaurant, the shadow of a boom microphone can be seen on the wall behind Del and Heather's table.