Don Vincenzo Occhetti
OFAH Don Ochetti
Portrayer David Jason
First seen "Miami Twice"
Last seen "Miami Twice"
Duration 1991
Date of birth Circa 1936
Occupation Don of the Occhetti Crime Family
Family Rico (son)


Don Vincenzo "Vinny the Chain" Occheti appeared as the main antagonist in the two-part 1991 Christmas special "Miami Twice". Ochetti was a mafia boss and an exact doppelgänger for Del Boy. As the episode unfolded it emerged that Ochetti was under FBI surveillance and facing trial for murder, kidnapping and drug-running. After seeing Del's resemblance to his father, Occhetti's son Rico launched a series of unsuccessful attempts to assassinate Del, hoping that the authorities would believe Occhetti himself was dead and thus spare him the prison sentence. Every attempt failed, and Del and Rodney eventually uncovered the mafia's plan, providing the FBI with crucial evidence to send Ochetti to prison for life.

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