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Dora Lane was a minor character in Only Fools And Horses and The Green, Green Grass (spin off of Only Fools And Horses). She was the mother of ditzy Marlene, Pertunia and her brother Bronco Lane, a certified nutter as Boycie would say.


During the second world war, it was implied that she got about with the soldiers that were stationed in London. It was here that she became aware of Boycie's real father.


She first appeared in He Ain't Heavy, He's My Uncle, (27 Jan 1991) in The Nag's Head playing dominoes with Uncle Albert and his old school enemy Knock Knock. Rodney then says he is going to see Jevon. Albert and Knock Knock argue over the dominoes game and over the attentions of Dora. As Albert gets a wad of cash out, the skinheads look over and watch him doing so.



Dora was still alive by 2015, as Marlene mentioned that she should get her a copy of He Who Dares. This means she would be in her 90s by this point

Memorable info

Born: About 1920

Full Name: Dora Lane (Nee Unknown)



Spouse: Mr Lane (c1945-??)

Children: Marlene Lane (c1945-1947), Bronco Lane, Pertunia Lane

Grandchildren: Tyler Boyce, Kylie Lane, Rachmann


Only Fools And Horses

The Green Green Grass


  • She was played by Joan Geary in He Ain't Heavy, He's My Uncle. In GGG, she looked younger than she did in 1991 due to being portrayed by famous actress June Whitfield as Joan Geary died in 1994 aged 81.