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Dr. Becker was a minor character in Only Fools And Horses in 1 episode, Homesick.

Dr Becker was the family doctor of the Trotters and was a posh speaking individual but was known to dabble with prostitutes such as Rita Aldridge. He was played by John Bryans and mentioned in both "Thicker than Water" and the first episode of the Rock & Chips trilogy.


Back in the 1960's he once treated Joan Mavis Trotter until she died in March 1964. He was the family doctor to the Trotters for many years. When Joan fell ill, Del called Dr. Becker, who took a look at Joan and then called for an ambulance. While they waited, Dr. Becker told Del about what Joan came down with, which hit Del hard, like he had a chair smashed over his head.


Grandad Trotter allegedly had bad legs. Derek "Del Boy" Trotter called Dr. Becker. Dr Becker said he was having dinner. Del said that they know a mutual person, Rita Aldridge, a local hooker, and that Del always speaks to Dr. Becker's wife every day. Dr Becker agreed to come round, after Del blackmailed him. Dr. Becker said Grandad had exhaustion. He then recommended a council bungalow. He referred this to the council. Turned out Grandad was swinging the lead so they could get a house. But the scam was rumbled.

He Who Dares

According to Del's autobiography He Who Dares, from 2015, Dr Becker had died by the time the book was published.

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Died: Before 2015

Full Name:






Spouse Mrs Becker



  • Homesick (10th November 1983)