George Trotter was the older brother of Ted "Grandad" Trotter and Albert Trotter. He never appeared in the series and only a few details are revealed about him by Grandad and Albert


George Trotter was born in Bermondsey, London in about 1898 and was several years older than Grandad, as he was old enough for military service during the First World War and fought at Passchendale in 1917. Despite this, he had tried to convince the authorities that he was actually 14, but his moustache gave him away. In 1945 when his great nephew Derek "Del Boy" Trotter was born, George tossed a coin to see if he would be Del's godfather and lost to Albert Trotter. He was considered to be quite lazy by Del Boy, as he seemed to always be sleeping. Del let this slide however as he had fought in WW1.

George had died by 1981.

Memorable info

Born: About 1898

Died: Before 1981

Full Name: George Trotter

Parents: Jack Trotter and Victoria Trotter (Unknown Maiden Surname)

Siblings: Edward Trotter, Albert Trotter, Jack Trotter, Patsy Trotter

Spouse: Unknown

George was mentioned in The Russians Are Coming (13th October 1981) and Strained Relations (28th February 1985).

George Trotter was at least 18 years old by 1917 so he was born in 1899 or before.

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