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Harry Slater
First seen
Last seen
Date of birth Circa 1917 (died circa early 1990's)
Family Ruby (wife - widowed)
Roy (son - estranged)
Unnamed daughter

Harry Slater is the late father of ex-police officer Roy Slater first mentioned in "May The Force Be With You" when his son arrested him for having a defective rear light on his bicycle. Harry would die a few years after Roy was arrested in "To Hull and Back", and Harry's widowed wife Ruby wrote a letter to the prison governor not to give her son compassionate parole.


Harry Slater met and married Ruby Slater in about 1943 and they had a son Roy Slater in May 1945 and a daughter in about 1946. In the 1960s Harry borrowed his young policeman son Roy's bike, and the rear light was defective. Roy nicked his own father. Harry also suffered a breakdown due to his son joining the police force and he was put in a mental asylum.

1985 - 1991

In 1985 Harry was still in an asylum and was mentioned by his wife Ruby in To Hull And Back - (25th December 1985) when she was having a drink with Albert Trotter.

By 1991 Harry had passed away. Roy Slater mentioned this in The Class of 62 - (20th January 1991) that his dad had died in prison and Derek "Del Boy" Trotter said he went to his funeral. His exact death date is unknown.

Memorable info

Born: About 1915

Died: Inbetween 1986 and 1991

Full Name: Harold Slater



Spouse: Ruby Slater (??-c1988)

Children: Roy Slater (1945), Miss Slater (c1946)