Heather is a character in Only Fools and Horses. She appears in the 1982 Christmas Special Diamonds Are For Heather and was portrayed by the actress Rosalind Lloyd.


Heather was married to a man named Vic with whom she had a son named Darren. 18 months before the events of Diamonds Are For Heather, Vic left the house to sign on at the Job Centre and never returned. This left Heather to raise Darren on her own. In November 1982, Heather went to the Nags Head to meet a friend who didn't turn up. Instead, she meets Del Boy whom shares her interests in the song Old Shep. Del accompanies Heather to her house, where he discovers she has a son. Del and Heather begin a relationship, and Del becomes a father figure to Darren. Just before Christmas, Del proposes to Heather. Unfortunately for Del, Heather received a letter from Vic, who is now living in Southampton. Vic wishes for Heather and Darren to move back with him, and Heather feels she owes it to Vic. Heather breaks off the engagement with Del, leaving him heartbroken. However, Del manages to cheer himself up by paying a group of carol singers to sing Old Shep.

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