Home Brew
Series 4, Episode 2
Air Date 15 January 2009
Written by John Sullivan
Director Dewi Humphreys
Length 30 Minutes
Previous episode The Path Of True Love
Next episode Calendar Boys
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Home Brew is an episode of the BBC sitcom, The Green Green Grass. It was screened on 15 January 2009, as the second episode of the fourth series.

Whilst searching through the loft, Boycie finds some ancient scrolls and paperwork left behind by the old squire. He also finds a medieval recipe for a traditional local liquor called ‘Ye Potato Cyder’. The recipe is accompanied by a royal charter allowing Boycie to make and sell the liquor. With the help of his staff he goes into full-scale business building a distillery in his barn and buying up all the potatoes in the locality. Unfortunately his success attracts two people he thought he’d never see again.

Production, broadcast and reception

[edit] Writing

This episode was written by John Sullivan. On-screen credits state that this episode is written by John Sullivan alone however the official website and BBC Press Office state that writer Keith Lindsay co-wrote this episode.

[edit] Broadcast and reception

During its original airing, the episode had a viewing figure of 4.02 million, in the 8:30pm time slot it was shown. This episode is only the second episode to be aired on a Thursday evening. This episode was simulcast on BBC HD.

[edit] DVD release

The UK DVD release has not yet been released. It is expected to be released late 2010. It is also expected to consist of all nine episodes

[edit] Continuity

  • The Driscoll Brothers return for the first time since ‘’’Brothers and Sisters’’’ (2006).
  • The Driscoll Brothers make their fourth ever television appearance.
  • The hidden object buried in ‘’’Brothers and Sisters’’’ (2006) is revealed.[specify]
  • Mrs Cakeworthy makes reference to The Driscoll Brothers tying her up in the barn.
  • A reference is made to Petunia, Marlene’s sister, last seen in ‘’’Brothers and Sisters’’’ (2006).

[edit] Locations

  • This episode features almost entirely within the Boyce’s home – one of few episodes to be like this.

[edit] Notes

  • The Driscoll Brothers make their third appearance on the Green Green Grass.
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