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I Done It My Way
Series 4, Episode 7
Air Date 19 February 2009
Written by John Sullivan
Director Dewi Humphreys
Length 30 Minutes
Previous episode The Departed
Next episode One Man's Junk
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I Done It My Way is an episode of the BBC Sit-com, The Green Green Grass. It aired on 19 February 2009, as the seventh episode of the fourth series.[1] This episode acted as a ‘clip show’ for both Only Fools and Horses and The Green Green Grass. In total, the episode contained around forty clips, some of which were made specially for this episode.


With a microphone and a tape recorder, Boycie recalls the big issues in his life in what he intends to be a classic - a life manual and an important book for future generations. Boycie's story begins as he recalls his Peckham days, with flashback memories to his South London life with Del Boy, Rodney and the rest of the gang. He fondly remembers his friendships, their adventures, the subsequent move to Shropshire and his new life on the farm. His memories of the old days proves surprisingly enlightening for him and hilarious for Marlene.

Production, Broadcast and Reception

[edit] Broadcast

This episode has not yet been broadcast.

[edit] DVD release

The UK DVD has not been released yet. When released, it is expected to include all nine episodes from the fourth series

[edit] Clip List

The following list of clips is front the episode I Done It My Way. The information displayed below is taken from the original broadcast of the episode.[2]

[edit] Block A

[edit] Block B

[edit] Block C

[edit] Block D

[edit] Block E

[edit] Block F

[edit] Block G

[edit] Block H

  • New footage - Boycie has developed a phobia - with vegetables.
  • New footage - Boycie discusses his problems in bed with Marlene.
  • New footage - Marlene arranges for the Doctor to help Boycie. (The next five clips are intercut with this clip)
  • Strangers on the Shore - Boycie is suffering after Del put onion puree in his hair gel.
  • Strangers on the Shore - 'Gary' tracks the smell of onions to Boycie.
  • Strangers on the Shore - Boycie asks Denzil if he can smell onions.
  • Strangers on the Shore - Del puts the onion puree in Boycie's hair gel.
  • Strangers on the Shore intercut with new footage - Del tells Marlene what he's done over the phone.

[edit] Block I

  • Heroes and Villains - Del and Rodney charge into the wake dressed as Batman and Robin.
  • Lust in Translation - Bryan goes into the pub all dressed up and grabs the wrong woman.
  • Stage Fright - Raquel sings with Tony Angelino who cannot pronounce his R's.
  • Danger UXD - Del and Rodney throw the dolls into a ditch just before they explode.