Imelda Cakeworthy
Portrayer Ella Kenion
First seen A Rocky Start - The Green Green Grass
Last seen For Richer For Poorer - The Green Green Grass
Duration 2005-2009
Date of birth 1967
Occupation Cleaner
Family Husband - Colin Cakeworthy
Imelda (Ella Kenion) – Mrs Cakeworthy is The Grange's housecleaner. Various jokes have been made to her expense, referring to her non-cleaning and biscuit-eating habits. She has even on occasions been asked to lift her legs whilst Marlene does the hoovering. Boycie sacks her in the episode "Bothered and Bewildered" after he catches her sitting around doing nothing. However, after some strange experiences he re-hires her.

Mrs Cakeworthy has a husband who has been seen on occasions, most notably in the 2006 Christmas special "From Here to Paternity". She has also been seen to hold seances within The Grange since "More Questions Than Answers". Mrs Cakeworthy is also said to have a dust intolerance.

She is probably the most normal person out of the population of Oakham. She is said to have paranormal qualities in which she can see and contact the dead. This is explored in many of the episodes and is the central plot of the episode "The Departed". She is sometimes referred to as ‘using words from Narnia’ due to her use of old local language.

Her husband, Colin, is in and out of hospital almost every series and thus she appears to be under pressure on occasions however, her responsibilities are sometimes thrown to one side much to other peoples’ disgust. She is sometimes self-centred and oblivious to other peoples actions.

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