Jack Trotter was an unseen character in Only Fools And Horses and was the father of Grandad Trotter - (Edward Trotter) and Albert Trotter and their 3 other siblings. He was the great grandfather of Derek Trotter.


Jack Trotter was born in London in about 1875. His father Arthur Trotter died when Jack was a baby. Arthur was fighting the Zulus at Rorke's Drift (according to his son Edward Trotter). Mr Trotter married a woman in about 1895 and they had 4 children, George Trotter in about 1898, Edward Trotter in 1906, Jack Trotter in about 1910 and Albert Gladstone Trotter in about 1915. The family lived down Tobacco Road near the docks in Bermondsey, London.

In The Sky's The Limit, Albert Trotter said Jack Trotter lived until he was 81 in about 1956.

Memorable info

Born: About 1880

Died: About 1955 (Aged 81)

Full Name: Jack Trotter

Parents: Arthur Trotter and Emilia Trotter


SpouseVictoria Trotter (c1900-c1960)

Children: George Trotter (c1898), Edward Trotter (1906), Jack Trotter, Albert Trotter (c1915)

Grandchildren: Reg Trotter, Stan Trotter

Great grandchildren: Derek Trotter

Great, great grandchildren: Damien Trotter

Occupation: Docker


  • Del said "81. That's a good age". Albert said, "Not for him. He died".
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