Jelly Kelly

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Jelly Kelly
Jelly kelly-char.jpg
Portrayer Paul Putner (2010-2011)
First seen "Rock & Chips"
Last seen "The Frog and the Pussycat"
Duration 2010-2011
Date of birth Circa late 1920
(died September 1963)
Occupation Criminal
Explosives expert

Gerald "Jelly" Kelly was the partner-in-crime and best friend of Freddie "the Frog" Robdal, serving as a minor mentioned character in Only Fools and Horses and a main character in the prequel series Rock & Chips.


Jelly was first mentioned in the 1987 Christmas special "The Frog's Legacy" and later introduced in Rock & Chips as Freddie the Frog's partner-in-crime and best friend. He accompanied Freddie to Peckham following Robdal's release from prison on February 1960, but as they are almost out of money, so they planned a jewellery heist while in Margate on the first Jolly Boys Outing with Del Boy Trotter and his family and friends, and pull it off by blowing up the safe with nitroglycerine while the other Jolly Boys were in a halfway house. Jelly, however, does not approve of Freddie's relationship with Del's mother Joannie, whom he refers to as "that slag from the cinema", as both Freddie and Jelly display dislike for her abusive, work-shy husband Reg. In "Five Gold Rings", it was shown that Freddie and Jelly were arrested by DI Thomas and imprisoned again for the jewellery heist, but while Robdal made it out of prison (whether or not he escaped or made bail is unknown), Jelly did not, and only appeared in the episode's opening scene. In "The Frog and the Pussycat", Freddie and Jelly were temporarily exonerated but later suspected again following the disappearance of their robbery's sole eyewitness, although Freddie exposed DI Thomas' fraud. Though Freddie eventually went to prison (because Joan pawned the ring Robdal gave her in order to buy a lambretta for Del), Jelly did not, and shared a drink with Freddie once he was freed. In the final scene, Freddie and Jelly rob an art gallery together.

As mentioned in "The Frog's Legacy" by Trigger's Aunt Reenie, Jelly was involved in helping Freddie and a small gang of criminals rob a bank in London on August 1963 and steal £250,000 pounds (pre-decimal currency) in gold bullion.

One month later, on September that very same year, shortly after hiding the gold, and whilst still on the run from the police, Freddie and Kelly broke into a post office in Plumstead. Unfortunately, while Jelly set the explosives and was holding the nitroglycerine, Freddie sat on the detonator, and the two men were both killed in the ensuing explosion. In "The Frog's Legacy", Freddie's son Rodney sarcastically quipped that had Jelly survived, he "wouldn't be any good in a Mexican Wave."

While Freddie is noted for his similar looks and attitude to his son, Rodney, Jelly has a notably similar physique to the adult Del, making him somewhat Freddie's version of Del, only much smarter.

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