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Jumbo Mills
Jumbo Mills.jpg
Portrayer Nick Stringer (1986)
Lee Long (2010-2011)
First seen "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire"
Last seen "The Frog and the Pussycat"
Duration 1986, 2010-2011
Date of birth Circa 1945 (age 70)
Occupation Owner of huge used car business

Kenneth "Jumbo" Mills was a minor character in Only Fools And Horses who appeared in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?. He was ex-business partner and old good-natured school friend of Derek Trotter who had emigrated to Australia in the 1960s and became a millionaire. Jumbo was played by Nick Stringer.


Kenneth Mills was born in Peckham in 1945. He was friends with Del Boy and his other friends Boycie, Trigger and Denzel. In 1960 Jumbo used to hang around with the gang a lot. They were a bit mischievous but never violent or into anything more than petty crime. And their schoolmate Roy Slater tried to keep them in check as he was a wannabe copper.

Rock & Chips

In his first chronological appearance, the first episode of Rock & Chips, Jumbo appeared as a teenager (with hair), in which he hung out with Del by helping him sell any hooky stock that was brought into the docks by Denzil's father. Jumbo also attended the very first Jolly Boys' Outing. The following episode, "Five Gold Rings", Jumbo would also help Del flog American LP's from Memphis, Tennessee until they were arrested by Roy Slater, who had just become a police cadet. But however, the charges against Del and Jumbo were dropped by Sgt. Foster much to Slater's chagrin. At the end of the third episode, "The Frog and the Pussycat", Del, Jumbo, and their friends managed to steal some lambrettas and speed off into the night towards Brighton.

As they approached their early twenties, Del and Jumbo would become business partners, as they ran a Jellied eels stall called Eels on Wheels outside The Nag's Head, which was put to an end by television, and the fact that Jumbo shortly emigrated in Australia with Del's last £200 in 1967. Nearly twenty years later, a now balding Jumbo returns to Peckham to persuade Del to move out to Australia with him and become business partners again by selling used cars. But when Albert refuses to go and Rodney is prevented from going because of his criminal record, Del turns down the offer from Jumbo.

After Rock & Chips

In 1967, Jumbo went into business with Del Boy when they opened up a jellied eel stall outside The Nag's Head: Eels On Wheels they called it. Del and Jumbo had dreams of expanding their empire and had ambitions that every one of the thousands of pubs in London was going to have a stall outside called Eels On Wheels. But mothers of children used to complain to Del and Jumbo that the fish fingers they bought may be related to The Man From Atlantis. Following this, a health inspector visited Eels On Wheels and closed the business down forever. Eels On Wheels immediately ceased trading. Following this, a health inspector from the council visited Eels On Wheels and closed the business down forever. Eels On Wheels immediately ceased trading.

A week or so after Eels On Wheels stopped trading, Jumbo then decided to emigrate to Australia. Del gave him £200 from the eel stall to help him out.

Only Fools & Horses (1986)

Jumbo & Del Boy reunite after 19 years

In October 1986, Jumbo returned to England to do a deal with old friend Boycie and to also offer Del Boy a partnership. He wanted to thank Del for giving him £200 to emigrate with in 1967. Jumbo said that if Del emigrates to Australia and joins Jumbo then he will be that millionaire he always said he would be. Jumbo said Rodney and Albert can come. Del agrees to the deal and gets his immigration papers sorted out, as does Rodney. A few days after offering Del the deal, Jumbo then flies back to Australia.

Albert, now in his sixties, says he does not want to start afresh yet again at his time of life so Del says he will send him money. A week or so later Rodney is refused a visa due to a minor drugs conviction 5 years earlier. He does not want Del to join Jumbo. Rodney says the real opportunity lies here, as traders like them are approached when the country is in a depression and people want bargains. Rodney then storms off when Del says this is his big chance.

Del ponders over what Rodney thinks and realises that he has too many loyalties here in England.

That night, Del rings Jumbo at his Sydney apartment and says Rodney wont be coming over due to some snags and that he himself wont be coming over either. Del says he has family ties and loyalty here in the UK, and the deal is off. He then thanks Jumbo for the offer and says goodbye to Jumbo and tells Rodney the real opportunity lies here, the country is on the eve of a golden age of the black market, so people come to market traders like him and Rodney for bargains.

After 1986

After Del refused the deal, Jumbo never returned to England again. Del mentioned him in The Jolly Boys' Outing. Del also mentioned how he ran a jellied eel stall in Three Men, a Woman, and a Baby but did not mention Jumbo.

According to The Peckham Archives (BBC Books) Published 2016, Jumbo would write a letter to Del, telling him that he understood and respected his decision to not go to Australia. Jumbo would also say that Del and his family were always welcome to come and visit him at the Mills Mansion.