June Snell
J. Snell
Portrayer Diane Langton
First seen "Happy Returns"
Last seen "A Royal Flush"
Duration 1985-1986
Date of birth -
Occupation -
Family Debbie (Daughter)
June was an ex-girlfriend of Del's from many years previously. They met up again when Rodney dated June's daughter Debbie in "Happy Returns" (which Del scuppered in the mistaken belief that Debbie was his daughter). They fell out when June revealed that Debbie's real father was in fact Del's best friend Albie Littlewood, and Del in turn admitted that he had been cheating on her with Albie's girlfriend Deidre. They were later reconciled again, however, as Del invited June to the opera in "A Royal Flush" with Rodney and his date Lady Victoria. He and June ruined the evening and embarrassed Rodney by noisily eating snacks and arguing with other audience members.