Lady Victoria Marsham-Hales
Portrayer Sarah Duncan
First seen "A Royal Flush"
Last seen
Duration 1986
Date of birth Circa 1965
Occupation Aristocrat
Family Father - The Duke Of Maylebury
Lady Victoria Marsham-Hales, or "Vicky", was a one-off girlfriend of Rodney's in the 1986 Christmas Special "A Royal Flush". The only daughter of a wealthy and prominent duke, Rodney met her in the market one day whilst she was (unsuccessfully) trying to sell her artwork. They became close friends and eventually started dating. Del was immediately interested in Vicky's wealth and breeding and saw Rodney's relationship as a way of making them both wealthy, and despite Rodney's firm protests, repeatedly meddled in the relationship with disastrous results. He finally destroyed all chances of Rodney and Vicky being together after inviting himself to dinner at the home of Vicky's father, and getting drunk and obscene, insulting the guests and humiliating Rodney. The furious Duke threw the Trotters out of his home, and Rodney and Vicky sadly realised it would be better not to see each other anymore. Unknown to Rodney, Del earlier had told the Duke to bribe Rodney with one thousand pounds to get out of Vicky's life, but a pained Rodney turned it down, angering Del.
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