Portrayer Alan David
First seen The Country Wife - The Green Green Grass
Last seen For Richer For Poorer - The Green Green Grass
Duration 2005-2009
Date of birth 1944
Occupation Farmer/Special Constable
Family Daughter - Rhian
Llewellyn (Alan David) – Llewellyn is Boycie's next-door neighbour. Boycie continually refers to him as a mad Welshman. He has been known to look after himself and puts his thoughts before others. In the episode "Testing Times", he grassed Boycie up for using Artificial Fertiliser on his Organic Farm. This could have put Boycie in prison for up to five years. Llewellyn has a daughter called Rhian, who is Tyler's English teacher. Rhian has appeared in two episodes.

Llewellyn has been known to get a little out of his own depth, such as when he challenged Boycie to a pub quiz in More Questions Than Answers and lost ten thousand pounds that he didn’t have in the first place. He has also accused Boycie of things that he hasn’t done, such as in From Here To Paternity when Boycie's dog, Earl, supposedly made Llewellyn's ‘slapper of a dog’ pregnant, which Earl didn’t. Llewellyn tends to speak first, think later, and generally lands himself in a lot of trouble. In the episode "The Departed", Llewellyn is a special constable.

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