Marlene Boyce
Portrayer Sue Holderness
First seen "Sleeping Dogs Lie"
Last seen "For Richer For Poorer"
Duration 1985-2009
Date of birth -
Occupation -
Family Dora (mother)
Bronco Lane (brother)
Pertunia Lane (sister)
Boycie (husband)
Tyler (son)

Marlene Boyce was the wife of Boycie. She was initially just an unseen character, occasionally mentioned by her husband. She was a cheerful, slightly daffy woman whose burning, and seemingly unattainable, desire to have a child provided one of the show's earlier "soap opera" sub-plots. Details were occasionally revealed about Marlene's prior reputation as being popular with the local men; there was a consistent undercurrent of an affair between her and Del. She did finally have a son, Tyler. Questions over the latter's paternity, owing to Marlene's reputation and Boycie's low sperm count, were a recurring gag.

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