Mr Jahan is the owner of a funeral service who hires Rodney in the episode The Frog's Legacy. He is played by Adam Hussein.


In early 1963, young Asian immigrant Mr Jahan and his father set up a business where he became an undertaker in Peckham, London. After that, in July 1963, local villain Freddie the Frog bought a huge casket from Mr Jahan, he had bought it under his name but said it was for another man called, Alfred Broderick, which was an anagram for Frederick Robdal. Robdal was planning a bank raid and wanted to organise a fake funeral to hide the gold bullion he intended to steal. Mr Jahan simply supplied the casket and did not know where Freddie took the casket. Freddie came and collected the casket one night in a van, in takeaway style.

24 years later, in 1987, local market trader Del Boy Trotter sold Mr Jahan a computer which destroyed his stock records and set fire to his curtains.

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