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Pamela Parry was a character in Only Fools And Horses who was the mother of Cassandra Trotter and wife of Alan Parry. She was a snooty lady who hated Alan's habits of drinking with his mates down The Nags Head a lot. Pam was played by Wanda Ventham.


Pamela married printing factory owner Alan Parry in the mid 1960s and they had a daughter Cassandra Parry in 1966. Cassandra met Rodney Trotter at an evening school, and they dated, and then got engaged.

1989 - 1992

Pam accused her husband Alan of becoming childish since he met Derek "Del Boy" Trotter. She also scoffed at the marriage reception being held in a function room in a pub.

Memorable info

Born: Unknown

Full Name: Pamela Parry

Spouse: Alan Parry (c1965-present)

Children: Cassandra Trotter (1967)

Grandchildren: Joan Trotter Jr


  • Little Problems (12th February 1989)
  • The Jolly Boys Outing (25th December 1989)
  • Miami Twice Part 1 (24th December 1991)