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Pertunia Lane
Pertunia Lane.jpg
Portrayer Paula Wilcox
First seen Brothers And Sisters
Last seen Brothers And Sisters
Duration 2006
Date of birth
Family Mother - Dora
Sister - Marlene Boyce
Brother - Bronco Lane
Step-brother - Boycie

Pertunia Lane was the sister of Marlene Boyce and Bronco Lane. She makes her first appearance in Series 2 of The Green Green Grass in "Brothers and Sisters" When she returned to London after divorcing from another marriage, the Driscolls began to befriend her. A year following Boycie and Marlene going into hiding, Marlene phoned her and arranged for her to meet them in Shropshire, believing that the heat surely would have died down at this point. She was wrong as the brothers followed her to Shropshire and infiltrated the farm with their goons, where they tied up Boycie's staff in the barn as well as Earl. Boycie stumbled upon them, and was led back to the house by the brothers. The brothers had the rest of the staff untied and apologised for the way they behaved. Rather than doing Boycie in, they got him to do a favour for them which involved burying something on his land - although what that is exactly is not disclosed to the audience. Boycie agrees, and the mysterious item is buried. The brothers stay the night in the spare room (and share a bed with Pertunia) before then leaving in the morning to return to Peckham.

Though not an appearance, Dora Lane can be heard on the phone to Pertunia in "The Lonely Herdsman" when talking about inviting Marlene and Tyler to her new house.