Reg Trotter
Portrayer Peter Woodthorpe (1983)
Shaun Dingwall (2010-2011)
First seen "Thicker than Water"
Last seen "The Frog and the Pussycat"
Duration 1983, 2010-2011
Date of birth 26 June, 1924 (died prior to 2015)
Occupation Unemployed
Family Joan Trotter Sr. (wife - deceased)
Derek (son - estranged)
Rodney (step-son - estranged)
Ted (father - deceased)
Violet (mother - deceased)
Albert (uncle - deceased)
Ada (aunt - deceased)
George (uncle)
Jack (uncle)
Raquel Turner (future daughter-in-law, fiancée of Derek)
Cassandra (step-daughter-in-law, wife of Rodney)
Damien (grandson)
Joan Trotter Jr. (step-granddaughter)


Reginald "Reg" Trotter is the estranged son of Ted "Grandad" Trotter, father of Del Boy, and the assumed father of Rodney. Reg was a layabout and a waster who abandoned his family soon after his wife Joan's death in 1964. Del never forgave Reg for his treatment of his family and bears him a deep animus.

Reg returned nineteen years later in "Thicker than Water" claiming to have a hereditary blood disorder, but it turned out to be a ruse to split the family up and allow him to worm his way in. He left soon after and was never heard from again. Reg was also seen in the prequel series Rock & Chips.

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