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Rico Occhetti
Portrayer Antoni Corone
First seen "Miami Twice"
Last seen "Miami Twice"
Duration 1991
Date of birth Circa 1966
Occupation Second-in-command of the Occhetti Crime Family
Family Vincenzo (father)
Un-named mother (deceased)


Ricardo "Rico" Occhetti is the son of Don Occhetti who is the boss of a very powerful mafia organization. Rico meets Del Boy Trotter and his brother Rodney at a club and becomes Del's new "friend", but there's more to Rico then meets the eye as he sees Del as the perfect opportunity to rid his father of his prison sentance. Because Del is an exact double of his father, he decides that will Dell dead, it would seem that his father was dead. If the people thought his father was dead, there would be no trial or prison sentance. He makes a few attempts to get rid of Del, but fail. Del and Rodney soon find out about the plan and escape. Rico and the others pursue them in the everglades and tries to kill them with a shotgun, but he is then arrested under the charge of hunting and possession of an illegal firearm.