Robbie Meadows
R. Meadows
Portrayer Ewan Roberts
First seen Sickness and Wealth
Last seen Sickness and Wealth
Duration 1989
Date of birth -
Occupation Doctor
Family -

Dr Robert Meadows appears once in the episode "Sickness and Wealth" as Del's one-time GP.

When Del goes to visit him with stomach cramps, he discovers that Robbie has since left his practice and gone to the local hospital. Del tells his new GP a completely opposite story about his lifestyle, that he is a celibate, tee-toal, non-smoking, vegetarian health freak.

The GP, unable to ascertain why Del is experiencing such difficulties, sends him to hospital. While Del is worrying about what is wrong with him, Robbie finally comes to see him, stating he is now in charge of Del's case, being as he is a former patient. Robbie warns Del that lying to his GP has meant that diagnosing Del's condition (IBS) has taken far longer than it should, and that only because Robbie knows Del (and begrudgingly admires him) has Del's condition been successfully identified.

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