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Schoolboy French
Series 2, Episode 5
Schoolboy French.jpg
Air Date 13 October 2006
Written by James Windett

John Sullivan

Director Dewi Humphreys
Length 30 Minutes
Previous episode Mother Earth
Next episode More Questions Than Answers
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"Schoolboy French" is an episode of the BBC sitcom, The Green Green Grass. It was first screened on 13 October 2006, as the fifth episode of series two.


Tyler has a French exchange student, Lawrence, coming to stay at the farm for a week, and all the ladies of the manor are excited as Lawrence is said to be a good looking young man, but when the student arrives its a girl called Lawrence and it is now the men of the farm that start to get excited. Especially Tyler and Boycie - who are both being seduced by this young French girl (much to the disgust of Beth and Marlene). When Marlene sends the French girl packing, Tyler says sorry to Beth, and asks her to marry him - she accepts. That is until she finds out the ring he gave her was a tacky fake that Marlene got off a bloke back in the sixties - Could that man have been Del Boy?

Story Notes/Trivia

  • Derek Trotter is mentioned by Boycie, referencing how he would frequently get engaged to the women was seeing, this would later be shown in "Five Gold Rings" when Del got engaged to various women in the episode.
  • Tyler proposes to Beth with a tacky fake that Marlene got off a bloke back in the sixties. Although not stated, it is heavily implied to be Derek Trotter's, as he was briefly dating her in the sixties, as revealed in "Fatal Extraction".