Portrayer Roy Heather (1982-2005)
First seen "The Long Legs of the Law"
Last seen "One Flew Over The Cuckoo Clock"
Duration 1982-2005
Date of birth Circa mid 1920's
Occupation Proprietor of Sid's Cafe
Landlord of The Nag's Head

Sid was a character in Only Fools and Horses who, despite only appearing in 13 episodes (most of which were Christmas specials), is often classed as a main character.


Sid made sporadic appearances throughout the show's run, mainly as the proprietor of the run-down and unhygienic local cafe, which was shot in different locations, depending on the episode.

After The Nag's Head landlord Mike was imprisoned for embezzlement in the 2001 Christmas special "If They Could See Us Now", Sid took over and kept that role for the remainder of the series.

Sid appears in a cameo in the The Green Green Grass. When Boycie rings up The Nag's Head to offer Rocky the "Gay" Bull to Trigger as a joke, Sid answers the phone on the Nag's Head set.

As referenced in "The Jolly Boys' Outing", Sid fought in the Second World War.