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The Departed
Series 4, Episode 6
Air Date 12 February 2009
Written by Keith R. Lindsay
Director Dewi Humphreys
Length 30 Minutes
Previous episode Your Cheating Art
Next episode I Done It My Way
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The Departed is an episode of the BBC Sit-com, The Green Green Grass. It was screened on 12 February 2009, as the sixth episode of the fourth series.


Tyler is preparing for his first gig with his band, Puddle Of Agony. He has booked a venue at the university and Boycie and Marlene are driving him down with all the kit in the boot. Left alone to look after The Grange, the staff head down to the pub where they get talking to Natasha and Ian, two psychic detectives who are in the area seeking phantoms and ghouls. They work for Paranormal Monthly magazine and are offering £5,000 for the photo of a ghost. Spotting a way to make some money, Elgin offers them the run of a haunted thirty-room manor house.

Production, Broadcast and Reception

[edit] Broadcast

This episode has not yet been broadcast.

[edit] DVD release

The UK DVD has not been released yet. When released, it is expected to include all nine episodes from the fourth series

[edit] Writer and Cast

Keith R. Lindsay writes this episode. This is his first episode of the fourth series.

[edit] Notes