The Driscoll Brothers
Portrayer Roy Marsden/Christopher Ryan
First seen Little Problems
Last seen Home Brew - The Green Green Grass
Duration 1989 - 2005-2009
Date of birth -
Occupation Criminals
Family -

Danny and Tony Driscoll, usually known as the Driscoll Brothers, they only appeared in one episode - "Little Problems" - but were mentioned in numerous others.

The Driscoll brothers were the local gangsters with a fearsome reputation for violence (although in order to avoid serious problems with the police, they followed a strict rule in never harming the victim's head). They beat up Del Boy after he failed to repay money owed to them, and in the same episode left Mickey Pearce and Jevon with broken bones for a similar reason.

In a similar joke to the different-looking Del and Rodney being brothers, the Driscoll brothers also differ in height, but by a good 18 inches (460 mm), though in their case the taller brother has the brains. The pair appear to have a love-hate relationship, as they often argue but continually work together to get what they want.

In "The Frog's Legacy" Del mentions that he visited the brothers in ask them about Freddie the Frog. He describes them as "Smashing blokes, Unc. It's like bumping into the two Ronnies - Biggs and Kray!". He mentions that a couple of years ago a Guru said the world would end in a month and Danny Driscoll bet a grand it would. And he was the Brains of the outfit.

In the spin-off series The Green Green Grass, it is revealed that the Driscoll Brothers have finally been found guilty and sent to prison, thanks to Boycie grassing them to the police, but have been paroled and are now after his blood.

Behind the Scenes

The role of Danny Driscoll was originally written for series fan Anthony Hopkins but he was unable to appear due to the filming of The Silence of the Lambs. Interestingly enough, Roy Marsden and Anthony Hopkins are known to be good friends.