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The Nag's Head is the local boozer for the Trotter family and the pub that has featured in the serial itself and the spin-off Green Green Grass and prequel Rock And Chips. When the serial began in 1981 the governor was unseen and was never identified but Mike Fisher took over in 1983, and was a regular character, and Sid from the cafe took over in 2001 when Mike was sent to prison for getting involved in the Trotters dodgy money making schemes. Derek "Del Boy" Trotter and Rodney Trotter are 2 regular customers. The pub has a reputation for serving watered down beer, as Trigger, a local customer is quick to point out. The pub is somehwere near the Nyrere Estate in Peckham in South London. Trigger's flat is inbetween Del's flat on the Nyrere Estate, and the Nags Head. You even have to walk past the pub from Del's place to get to Trigger's place.


Rock & Chips (1960 - 1981)

During the events of Rock & Chips, the public house was managed by Don. This was the Trotters local and the meeting place of Joan Trotter and Freddie "The Frog" Robdal.

Nag's Head 1960.jpg
The Nag's Head in 1960

Only Fools & Horses (1981 - 2003)

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Del and Rodney entering the pub, 1981.

In 1981, The Nag's Head was run by an unseen governor, who was never named. Two years later, Mike Fisher took over as landlord. There were originally two entrances either side of the bar until 1988, when the doorway on the right had been replaced by a wall and extra tables. This was witnessed in Dates (S5, E9).

There were two rooms, a dance hall and a function room on the upper floor, the latter was seen in Sickness And Wealth, Little Problems and The Class of '62.

Mike's infernal regular customer Del became a millionaire in 1996, following selling a discovered wristwatch. He left the area to move to the countryside. Del frequently tried to trick Mike into buying his shoody gear. Once Del left Peckham, Mike could finally get some peace and quiet.

Mike and Del remained in contact. Mike invested into Del's dodgy South American stock market, which would eventually crash. Mike was ultimately sent to prison in 2001, once being found guilty of fraud. Sid replaced Mike as landlord and adopted a much cleaner appearance than he ever did when he ran the cafe.

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During an episode of Green Green Grass, Boycie calls The Nag's Head to offer Rocky the "Gay" bull to Trigger, but Marlene convinces him that even Trigger wouldn't be daft enough to fall for it. This was seen in the Christmas special, One Flew Over the Cuckoo Clock.

Places of Interest

The Bar

The bar (along with the toilets) takes up the entire downstairs area. There are several tables in this area and two entrances, one either side of the bar itself. As shown in a few episodes, there is a small television in the bar.

The Cellar

In "Hole in One" Albert falls down the cellar's stairs. All of the drink is stored down here. It's possible that some food is kept down here too.

The Poker Room

This is where Elsie Partridge holds her seance in "Sickness and Wealth". It's only a small room and has one round table. Sometimes the 5 guys come here to play Poker. This was the room that Trigger spent an hour in whislt waiting for everyone to arrive in "The Class of '62", mistaking it for the function room.

The Function Room

The function room is presumably the room featured in "The Class of '62", where the school reunion is held. There is a small bar area in the corner of the room.this is made for many local reunions taken place

The Dance Hall

The dance hall is mentioned in and seen in "Little Problems". Trigger stood in the dance hall when the lights were out, thinking that everyone was going to jump out and surprise someone.

The Male Toilets

The male toilets are featured in "Happy Returns". Del Boy rushes in, thinking that he had a daughter with June. He tells Trigger that he is not alright and Trigger (not understanding) knocks on the toilet door and tells the man inside to hurry up, as they had an "emergency" outside. Then, suddenly, Del Boy rushes out, realising that Rodney is with the girl who he believes to be his daughter. The toilets are presumably located to the left of the bar.

The Beer Garden

Rodney and Cassandra are seen drinking here in "Miami Twice".



  • It's mentioned in "The Class of '62" that Trigger has been going to the pub since he was 16. It's therefore assumed that all the other regulars have been going to the pub since they were 16 as well.
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