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The Special Relationship
Series -, Episode -
Air Date 30 December 2007
Written by John Sullivan

Keith Lindsay

Director Dewi Humphreys
Length -
Previous episode Lust In Translation
Next episode The Path Of True Love
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The Special Relationship is an episode of the BBC sitcom, The Green Green Grass. It was first screened on 30 December 2007, as the 2007 Christmas special.


Whilst out in the fields, Boycie and Marlene are horrified when Earl digs up an unexploded hand grenade. However, Boycie takes charge of the situation by diving behind the nearest tractor. But this is just the beginning. It is soon discovered that The Grange was once used as a US Army Base in the 1970s. After some more World War Two relics are found, Boycie decides to transform one of his barns into a military museum. Word of Boyce’s heroic involvement in the hand grenade incident attracts much media attention, even from the Peckham Times. Meanwhile, Cliff Cooper (George Wendt) arrives in Oakam intent on visiting the old haunts of his military posting. It turns out that he was billeted at The Grange so Boycie and Marlene are quick to invite him to their home as a guest. Boycie is especially pleased when he discovers than Cliff is a president and CEO of a large corporation in LA. An evening in the pub that evening brings up a conversation about the ‘Cloud Day’ incident and the fact that Cliff was a bit of a ladies’ man but rumour has it he left behind a child.

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